Welcome To Norg Consulting

Norg Consulting is active in the field of Applied Controls Engineering, and supports customers with projects related to:

• Control System Design and Tuning and
• Dynamic Simulations and Measurements.

We work on site with customers, and also have our own lab to execute stand alone experiments and measurements. We can help you if you are:

• looking to increase the performance of your controls system, or want to understand the limitations of your current design;
• investigating non linear control as a solution to the bode-sensitivity integral;
• considering auto tuning or auto calibration of your system.

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Past Projects

We have 18 years of hands-on experience working on a variety of controls related projects, such as:

• Piezo-electric motors (a.k.a. Fred Flintstone motors),
• Sonicare Toothbrushes
• CDROM adrenaline shot controllers
• 6 Degree of Freedom free floating Semiconductor stages using Active Magnetic Bearings.

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Norg Consulting Laboratory

Although we are available for extended stays on-site with customers, we can execute projects that do not require a presence at the customer's site in our own laboratory.

Tools for Rapid Control Prototyping and measurement tools for Time and Frequency Domain Analysis allow us to execute projects like auto-tuning, non linear control design or optimizing of control strategies.